What Skills Do You Need to Succeed as a Python Dev in 2020?

Posted on Nov 11, 2020

The 2020 is expected to be one more year of Python popularity and evolving. It’s a sought-after programming language in the field with a wide usage. According to the statistics, Python held 29.9% of all tutorials searched for in Google, that’s really high popularity compared with Java (19.1%) and JavaScript (8.2%). Thus, it’s obvious that the professionals who know the coding language with all the nuances are in increasingly demand too. Yet, if you want to succeed as a Python dev in 2020, then there is a list of skills you are to master.

Who is a Python Developer? #

Before we start discussing and elaborating on the key skills of a Python developer, let's define who he/she is and what he/she actually does. Python dev is not just a person with a high salary, but a professional with a composite of skills, experience, knowledge. Python developers are usually responsible for the following:

  • writing server-side logic for platforms and web applications;
  • developing various back-end components;
  • deploying applications;
  • performing usability, tuning, improvement, and automation;
  • gathering end-users’ requirements;
  • collaborating with designers;
  • writing reusable codes;
  • debugging the project;
  • working on the web frames, and so forth.

12 Key Skills You Need to Succeed as a Python Dev #

If your goal is becoming a good/better Python developer, then it's vital for you to have or master the following skills. So, let’s elaborate on the 12 key skills the big companies will check before hiring a Python developer in 2020.

1 - Understanding of Various Front-end Technologies #

If you’re on your way of becoming a developer, then you'd get ready to communicate and collaborate with the front-end team. Therefore, you’d have an understanding of various frontend technologies. It's needed for matching the server-side and client-side. Thus, knowledge of all limitations and possibilities of the front-end along with understanding the nuances of the app appearance can be pretty helpful for some projects.

2 - Database Knowledge #

Your skill set should also contain database knowledge. In addition to that, the developer should understand the fact that app performance and functionality heavily depend on how the app will be supported on the backend. Today a host of new styles of data storage systems is available that enhances the opportunities. Knowing the databases are essential for a good (really good one) Python dev.

3 - MVC-MVT Architecture #

Firstly, a Python dev if he/she is a good one knows the difference between MVC (Model View Controller) and MVT (Model View Template) architecture. The difference is slight, but it does matter. So, if you wish to become better then you should learn the basics of multi-process architecture. It’s vital to have the ability to solve the problem in the core framework.

4 - JavaScript #

A good Python developer is to have at least the basics of JavaScript. If you don't have any, then it’s better to start... yesterday. Being a part of front-end technologies, JavaScript plays an important role in the appearance of the app. Besides, the knowledge of the coding language is vital for building interactive web interfaces. It’s because all the modern browsers come with built-in support for JavaScript. So, if you want to speak the same language with the front-end team, then get familiar with this programming language.

5 - Python Frameworks and Libraries #

There is a host of the frameworks available for the coding. Certainly, it’s vital to be familiar with them and knowing all of them will be a huge plus. However, it'll be enough to know the most used ones like Flask, Django, CherryPy. Another thing the good dev should know is libraries. More hard-hitting workflow, faster execution of tasks, and other advantages come with the libraries used. Knowing and using the Python libraries can ease your developer life. So, you’d learn the libraries that can help with everyday tasks and depending on the project nature.

6 - Version Control #

In case “push, commit, pull, fork” words make sense for you, then probably you have already properly set the GitHub. Yes, a good Python dev is to have the ability to track all the changes made in the source code. And these terms handle different versions. Mind that this skill is a must-have for all the companies.

7 - Linux and MacOS Familiarity #

It’s not a secret that each OS has its own nuances and specifications. Python developers must know the differences and be familiar with some main requirements of MacOS and Linux. Just because if the app works well on Windows, then some crucial changes and implementations are needed for a smooth run on these very special OSs.

8 - Communication, Analytical and Design Skills #

Writing brilliant codes is just a part of the developer's job. Calls, meetings, co-working with other programmers, etc. are part of the job as well. The success of the entire project directly depends on how efficient the teammates can collaborate. So, this soft skill is essential in case you plan to be a better Python dev in 2020.

Analytical skills are vital in case you wish to be a better Python dev in the future. Improving the skill, you will receive the ability to optimize the algorithms while coding, visualize datasets, have a good understanding of building useful websites, write clean code, etc.

Also, you’d have strong design skills in case you crave to build scalable products. Understanding the basics of the good design, the Python developer can work well not only at the server-side, but at client-side as well.

9 - Task Automation #

Lots of tasks are repetitive. Automation can solve a host of problems and free time for more important tasks that require more attention. Thus, it’s a perfect use case for a Python dev to automate the routine manual tasks such as gathering the data from the database, reporting, etc. Moreover, instead of spending hours on writing the code, you can choose the right automation tool. That makes the skill important for developers to be more proactive and effective.

10 - Debug and Unit Test Skills #

Knowing the requirements, Python developers should know how to test and debug a system. Actually, debugging is a part of the Python developer’s job. It can save a lot of time for the entire team as well. Writing the code, you’d think over the unit test to reveal the bug on the early stage before it becomes critical. So, if you’re going to be better, then improve the skill in 2020.

11 - Integration Ability #

It’s common when the developers are to work with multiple databases and data sources simultaneously. That’s why Python devs should know how to integrate all of them into the single system. Besides, the developer should do it smoothly with a minimum of discrepancies.

12 - Multiple Delivery Platforms Understanding #

Today there is a host of devices for delivery, lots of desktop variations and mobile gadgets, and each device has its own specifications to take into consideration. As a Python dev, you'd know the difference between the gadgets and have an ability to optimize the output to meet the requirements and fit the target platform.

Bottom line #

Python is an extremely popular programming language due to its features, opportunities, fields of usage. Yet, you're to have a wide range of skills to become a good or better Python developer in 2020. The skills mentioned and described in the article are a few ones, but the key ones. Each company can enhance the list actually. If you think of becoming a Python dev and dream about a massive salary in 2020, then master each skill mentioned. Don't stop on these points, go further to head over your competitors.

Alexey Kutsenko is CMO and Employer Brand Specialist at DDI Development Company. He knows how to do the right marketing and watches all current marketing and technology trends.

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