Top 9 Data Science Courses to Become A Skilled Data Scientist

Updated on Jun 06, 2021

Data science is an exciting field and many young minds aspire to become data scientists. The reason for such an inclination is the promising future that data science and related fields like business intelligence have to offer to anyone with the necessary skills.

Data science deals with scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems, to make deductions and draw insights from recorded data. This may be structured or unstructured data that help in making future-oriented decisions.

If you are aspiring to be a data scientist, there are various data science courses available online. Depending on your interests and professional priorities, you can choose what you want to learn.

You will learn Machine Learning, R or Python Language, Data Mining and Business Intelligence. The best online data science courses are listed below.

Data Science Specialisation Course by Coursera #

Data Science Specialization on Coursera is one of the best available online courses for data science. It is offered by John Hopkins University and is a paid course.

The data science course by Coursera covers most of the basic concepts of data science such as statistical programming in R, cluster analysis, natural language processing and practical applications of machine learning.

This course is different from other online data science courses because in order to complete the program, students will have to produce a data product, which can be used to solve a real-world problem. Exciting!


Data-Driven Decision-Making Course from Coursera  #

Data-Driven Decision Making from Coursera is another established online course for data science. It focuses more on business applications of data science and is established by PwC.

In order to complete this four-week course, the students will have to deploy a data solution in a business environment. This makes the student adapted to the real-world environment and future demand ready.

Other special features of this data science course include the tuitions given to students on selecting the best tools and frameworks for solving problems with data.


Data Science Essentials Course by EdX #

Microsoft provides Data Science Essentials Course on EdX, which is a very popular online Data Science Course. This course is also a part of Microsoft’s Professional Program Certificate in Data Science. That becomes an added advantage.

When you apply for this data science learning program, they want you to be sure of one thing - that you have an introductory knowledge of R or Python. R and Python are two of the most popular languages for data science programming at the moment.

Coming to the fees, the course material is free to read. However, for an official certificate on completion, the student would have to pay $90.

Students can pick this course if they want to cover topics such as probability and statistics, data exploration, visualization, introduction to machine learning and using the Microsoft Azure framework.


Machine Learning Course by Udacity #

One of the hot topics in data science, Machine Learning is covered by Udacity’s Intro to Machine Learning course. It is one of the best online data science courses in terms of simplicity of explanation.

They have elaborated machine learning right from theory to its practical application. It also helps in the understanding of selection of data sources, and understanding of algorithms, which can be best fit for a particular problem.


Data Science Fundamentals by IBM #

IBM (International Business Machines) is constantly working on making Big Data and Data Science easy for everyone.

Their Cognitive Class provides a number of free online data science courses. One of them is “Data Science Fundamentals”. It is a 20 hours duration online course.

The course this “Data Science Fundamentals” covers topics such as data science 101, methodology, hands-on applications, programming in R and open source tools.

It is an ideal course for students who want to get started with data science learning. Remember, if your basics are strong, you can crack the tough things easily.


Learning from Data Course by California Institute of Technology #

California Institute of Technology provides a course named “Learning from Data”, which is more focused on Machine Learning. This course is available in a series of video lectures, along with assignments and exam in the end.

But before starting this course, students are expected to have a working knowledge of matrices and calculus. Machine Learning algorithms designing is based purely on mathematics. So, these help a lot.


Data Mining Courses from KDNuggets #

KDNuggets is a well-known website in the business and data science domains. It has compiled its own free data mining syllabus and you can get Data Mining Courses on KDNuggets.

Apart from the data mining course, you will also find modules on machine learning, statistical concepts such as decision trees, regression, clustering and classification, and introduction to practical implementations of the data science technology.


Data Science Master by Acadgild #

This is among the most comprehensive courses and the one which will make you a highly skilled data scientist in 6 months. The course covers everything you will need to know about data science. Best part of the course is the hands-on experience it imparts that will develop the right confidence. The project has numerous real-world projects and industry case studies that will help you understand the application of data science better.

In this course you will be learning following data science tools among others:

  • Python
  • TensorFlow
  • Spark
  • Tableau


The Open Source Data Science Masters #

This is a collection of open-source materials and resources related to data science and topics in the subject. The open source data science masters is available freely online.

Initially, if a student wishes to get an idea of being able to swim in the data science sea, the open source course could be advantageous.

Subjects that are covered in this include:

  • Natural language processing of the Twitter API using Python
  • Hadoop MapReduce
  • SQL and NoSQL databases
  • Data visualization
  • This is enough to give a student an idea of how vast data science is and what direction the student must pursue.

The course also includes a grounding in algebra and statistics, which is much needed to understand the fundamentals of data science.

Since it is open source, there is no certification, but the best part is you will get to learn it via professionals and can grow exponentially on your own seeds.

These are 9 places with best online data science courses which will help you to become a data scientist. Hope this information helps you choose the right course for yourself.


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