Python Developer Salary Overview and Predictions

Updated on Jan 07, 2020

For years now Python has been one of the most popular programming languages. Its popularity is constantly growing. It’s #1 choice when it comes to artificial intelligence implementation. You can find many reasons to use Python over other programming languages. According to Google Trends, it’s even more sought-after than JavaScript.


Being a high-level general-purpose programming language, Python can be used in:

  • Web development
  • IoT
  • Machine learning, artificial intelligence
  • Fintech, data science
  • SEO

Thus, no wonder its popularity has been growing over time. But, what does it mean in terms of Python developer jobs and salary? Let’s find out how much Python developers can earn (focus on the U.S.) and figure out how their salaries would change in the near future.

Python Developer Salary Overview #

Taking into account the fact that Python can be used in different areas, it’s only logical that the salary should vary depending on the area. According to Payscale, senior data scientist and machine learning engineer are among the best-paid jobs for a Python developer, aside from landing a job as a principal software engineer. You can find a report for the ‘Python salary’ below.


Of course, these numbers are average salaries and for different positions with a different experience. Let’s break the ‘Python salary’ into 3 main columns that are: software developer, web developer, data scientist.

Software Developer with Python Skills #

The average salary for a Software Engineer / Developer / Programmer is $76,746 - source. It starts from $66K for an entry-level developer and goes up to $90K for a senior dev/programmer.


It’s also very interesting that Python is the top skill that affects software developer salary. It seems like it’s the most required language these days for such a job.


Web Developer with Python Skills #

The average annual salary for a web developer with Python skills is $59,108. It’s 50K for an entry-level Python developer and $76K for a senior dev. Skills in SQL, PHP, and C# are in great demand for a web developer as well.


Python is also a part of the LAMP stack and can be used for back-end and building web apps.

Data Scientist with Python Skills Salary #

To get the best offer in data science, Python developer should be skilled in Natural Language Processing (NLP), Algorithm Development and Machine Learning. The average annual salary for a Data Scientist with Python skills is $97,663 - source. Salaries start at $88K per year (entry-level) and reach $140K per year for highly skilled and experienced specialists. Thus, this is the best-paid job that requires Python skills. Someone who is skilled in both data science and web or software development can land a very promising job and get to work on projects that require integration of the most modern technologies like AI and ML.

Python Salary Predictions #

With the rising popularity and demand for skilled Python developers, there’s no way their salaries won’t grow. The fact that Python is being used not only in software and web development but to implement and integrate modern data science technologies, is another reason for the salary to grow. With such prominent career opportunities, more and more people choose to master Python programming but the number of specialists with experience is still low enough to push the salary bar. With all said above, we can only assume that the average Python salary would keep growing

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