Is Python a Programming language or Scripting Language?

Updated on Jan 07, 2020

Is Python a Programming Language or Scripting Language?

Python is one of the most famous programming language developed by Guido Van Rossum. Python is popular among developers due to its clear syntax and easy code even for beginners. For those who just have marked their career in development, learning python can be very beneficial. They can leverage the Python  Programming Training, blogs, videos, modules, and thousands of other resources to explore each corner of this trending language. Once completed, you will able to perform modern development operations such as GUI development, web designing, system admin work, complex financial transactions or calculations, data science, visualization, and this list never ends when it comes to the real-world application of python programming.

“According to a survey conducted by Stack Overflow in 2017- Python is used by 32 percent of the developers and 20 percent wants to use it.”

The first question strikes in a Python beginner’s mind is that whether it is a programming language or scripting language? Before going further in-depth of this topic, let’s understand the difference between the scripting and programming languages:

Difference Between Scripting and Programming Languages: #

Generally, all the scripting languages are considered programming languages. The main difference between both is scripting languages doesn’t require any compilation and are directly interpreted. E.g., a written C++ program needs to get compiled before execution while scripting languages like Javascript don’t require any compilation.

The compiled codes execute faster than the interpreted codes as they are changed into native machine program.  In a compiler, the overall code is analyzed just once in the whole cycle, and it submits the overall encountered errors. At the same, the interpreter analyzes the entire program every time and halts the execution if any error is encountered.

Note that it needs to decide for the environment while differentiating scripting and programming languages. Thus, we can design interpreter for programming and use it for a scripting language. Similarly, JS engine of Google Chrome instead of interpreting it compiles JS program into machine code.

Scripting Language Features: #

  • Automation of the required process into a program.
  • Fetching information from the provided data sets.
  • Requires less code than modern programming languages.

Programming Languages Features: #

  • Executes inside a script or other parent code.
  • Java programming type languages can be used at several platforms after the compilation.
  • They are fully compatible with the complex mathematical models.

Python: a Scripting or Programming Language? #

Linux Journal readers report reveals that Python is one of the best programming and scripting languages among all. Python is actively taking over the Java, PHP, C++, C, bash, PERL, Ruby, etc., reducing developer’s effort in creating standalone, web, gaming, enterprise, and various other applications.

In ActiveState, the pre-compiled, optimized ActivePython is marked as a standard python distribution. It fulfills the critical stages like license compliances, compatibility, security, etc. This way Python is influencing the growth in data science.

While considering the role of Python in worldwide IT communities, it is same as it was for Java in the late 90s. A few people were concerned about Java and its runtime behavior in those days. A few critics were also on procedural and object-oriented language differences. It accounts for garbage allocation, memory distribution, etc. But, with drastically advancement, Java became so popular and was appreciated among developers and communities- holding the mainstream of the development.

Now the question is why Python programming has become so popular?

In my opinion, the main reason behind the adoption of Python is its simplicity. One can start their career quickly- just like Java programming. Python avails various development options- object-relational mapping, multiprocessing, web development, and so on.

Is Python a development language?

My personal thought is that Python is definitely used as a development language. Well, Python has already implemented by various industries. Python and its affiliated third-party service providers offer more than 147,000 libraries for GUI, automation, testing, web scraping, networking, machine learning, text and image processing etc. So, Python is trying to achieve both the tasks of development and scripting.

The trending implementation of Python for Data Science in analysis techniques has influenced the whole market driving the growth of big data analytics, ML and other technologies. In other words, Python is an excellent resource to invoke lightweight code trends.

Thus, it is clear that the Python can be used to accomplish entire development tasks. In upcoming years, its code will be a legacy resource empowering closed resources. It has already influenced various languages like Kotlin, Cobra, Boo, ECMAScript, etc. One fine day these languages can turn the development by introducing more services eliminating complexities in real-world.

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