Important Python Frameworks for Developers in Future

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In simple words, A web framework is a very useful tool for developing different web applications easily and effortlessly. It allows you to get rid of small tasks and problems associated with protocols, sockets and process/thread management while creating websites and web applications.

As there is no such thing as a “perfect framework”, many developers use Python frameworks. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a more experienced developer, you can easily join Python Online Course Toronto to learn how to work with this framework and simplify the development process. Choosing a the Learn Python Programming Toronto and right Python Framework helps you to get a successful career. Therefore, we have compiled a few Important Python Frameworks in this article. Have a look.



Tornado is a nice web framework for building web applications based on python. It has the asynchronous network library, originally created for FriendFeed aggregator. With the help of non-blocking I/O, Tornado can scale to tens of thousands of open connections, which makes it perfect for long polling, web sockets and other applications that need a long connection to each user. With its proper use, you can confidently cope with tens of thousands of tasks and create amazing web applications.



It is free, open source and event-driven network engine written in Python and released completely free under the MIT license. It works on the basis of Python 2 & regularly developing tool is on Python 3. As this framework is based on deferred, it helps asynchronous architecture works very well.



With Flask, you can create an unlimited number of unique web applications based on Python. framework is suitable for those web developers who want to use the best practices, achieve rapid prototyping and create stand-alone applications in quick succession. It is a MicroFrame, which takes much less time to set up and installation. There will be fewer levels of abstraction between you and the HTTP functions.



Django is a high-quality Python web framework that allows you to create amazing web applications with simple and clean code. It is highly suitable for the creation of E-commerce websites. It comes with a number of features.

So, you get almost everything that is needed to creating customer-centric, highly functional and professional web applications. It easily supports main databases – MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL and Oracle. Its authentication, URL routing, pattern engine, object-relational mapping (ORM), and database schema migration (Django v.1.7 +) makes it an excellent Python framework.



Pyramid is a completely “open-source” framework to create web applications based on Python. It makes the work of web developers easier and comfortable. It is compatible with Python version 3 and allows web developers to work with NoSQL databases, including MongoDB and CouchDB. It makes the web application development work simple, minimalistic, fast, and flexible. It maintains a huge amount of documentation and best suited for those developing an API, prototyping, and CMS.



Bottle is an extremely useful framework and fits into just one file. Despite its minimalism, it offers ample opportunities and fully fit for small and medium-sized web development projects. It includes routing for blank URLs and its utilities provide convenient access to data forms, file uploads, headers, and other metadata related to HTTP.

It comes with a built-in HTTP development server that supports the functions fapws3, bjoern, GAE, CherryPy, and any other HTTP server that supports WSGI, which gives an excellent solution for creating simple applications, studying the organization of web frameworks and prototyping.



Kivy is an open source Python library particularly developed for developing cross-platform GUI applications. It enables you to write GUI applications in pure Python that run on major platforms, such as Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, IOS.

Kivy is a great choice if you can work with a non-native set of user interface tools in your applications. It allows web development professionals to write mobile applications using your Python programming skills without having to learn another language for a specific platform.



Dash is an open source framework used to create analytical web applications because it has web servers that launch Flask and exchange data with JSON packets using HTTP requests. Their interface offers components using React.js and the best thing is that applications developed with Dash are displayed in a web browser and can be deployed on servers. It means that dash applications are inherently cross-platform and mobile. They can use a rich set of plug-ins to extend the capabilities of dash applications.



CherryP is an object-oriented HTTP framework and it makes web application development work easier and comfortable. Its applications run on all operating system that supports Python, Windows, MacOS, Linux, etc. With the help of CherryPy, you can easily run several HTTP servers.

This framework has a very powerful configuration system and a flexible plugin system. If you choose a package with a fast process of work, you also get ready-made tools for caching, encoding, sessions, authentication, static content, which simplifies and minimizes time while creating professional web applications.

Final Words

It’s a universal fact that frameworks simplify the lives of developer greatly by offering a clear structure for the application development process. They help professionals to get rid of small tasks and problems and create amazing web applications easily and effortlessly. These are some important python frameworks. You can choose any one of them as per your needs.


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