How to Write an Effective Resume of Python Developer

Posted on May 24, 2020

How to Write an Effective Resume of Python Developer

With the world’s orientation towards digital technology, The Python programming language has raised its value. It has overshadowed many occupations and Python developers have numerous opportunities for career growth.

With knowledge of Python programming language, you can work in innovative fields such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science. However, to get there you first need to gain the attention of employers. That's when the resume steps in.

A resume presents the first impression that hiring managers make of you. How you write your resume will determine whether you'll have a chance to win them over at the interview or you'll end up in the "don't contact" pile. If you are ready to get some job interviews scheduled, here are the tips you should follow when writing your resume.

Customize the Resume to Job Description #

While job descriptions usually all sound pretty much the same, you should customize your resume. There is always a way to make your resume more suitable for individual job positions. Instead of typical generalization, adapt your resume before you click the send button.

Start with creating a template with all the basic information that all employers require. Later, you can frame the resume based on specifications that different companies seek for. For example, if an employer requires at least two years of experience, your resume must contain specific job experiences that show that you have fulfilled that condition. Otherwise, don’t waste time on that application. One of the biggest mistakes that many job applicants make is including their job experience that has nothing to do with the occupation they pursue. The fact that you worked at McDonald's when you were sixteen won't influence the employer to give you the job of a Python developer.

Choose the Layout Based on Your Experience #

The dilemma that worries many resume-makers is how to form the resume. When choosing a layout for a Python developer resume you will encounter three options:

  1. Chronological layout – Lists your experiences in chronological order
  2. Reverse chronological layout – Puts the focus on the relevant experiences like a timeline (starting from the last job position)
  3. Functional layout – Emphasizes your skills

The most common form is the chronological layout. However, what makes reverse chronological layout increasingly popular is that it highlights your most recent experience. This works best if your last job position was a Python developer as that would instantly show the employer that you have experience.

The functional layout can be tricky as it demands creativity. The situation in which this format is a good choice is when you don’t have real work experience but you do have strong skills that depict you as a promising developer.

Keep it Concise #

The length of the resume has always been a troublesome topic. People usually aim to make the resume longer so that it seems like they have more experience. That’s not such a good idea.

A national survey conducted by Harris Poll for CareerBuilder showed that concise resumes have more than an 80% chance of being accepted. A two-page resume is claimed to have the perfect length.

Presenting yourself in a concise form will keep the reader's attention until the end of the resume. Keep in mind that hiring managers go through at least dozens of resumes and they won't have the concentration or desire to read essay-like CVs.

If you can’t manage to present the information concisely, you can always turn to writing and editing professionals. For example, experts that work for BestEssayEducation can rephrase some points for a cleaner look. Or, you can use editing tools like HemingwayEditor.

Avoid Cliché Terms #

Did you know that clichéd and generic terms that hiring managers have seen in almost all resumes increase your chance of not getting the job by 50%? Companies that look for Python developers who are experts in their job and great team players won't be drawn to dull and typical resumes.

Luckily, New College of the Humanities has researched top cliché terms that you shouldn't use in your resume. They surveyed 2,000 employers and the terms that came up as repelling are the following:

  • Works well under pressure
  • Excellent written communication skills
  • Can work independently
  • Problem solver
  • Hard worker
  • Good communicator
  • Proactive
  • Enthusiastic
  • Team player
  • Good listener

A generic resume will hurt your possibility to stand out and attract the attention of potential employers.

Pay Attention to Readability #

According to research, resumes that have typos or bad grammar have the highest chance of getting instantly rejected (77%). Meaning, that your expertise can fall in the shadow of a poorly written resume.

Even though you are applying for a position of a Python developer, that doesn’t mean that you can be careless. If you want to ensure that no mistakes pass you by, you can use some of these services and tools:

  • TrustMyPaper – This writing service only works with most talented writers with great attention to detail. They can signal any mistakes or inconsistencies in your resume.
  • GrabMyEssay – With both writing and editing services at your disposal, you can find all that you need for polishing your essay on this website.
  • Studicus – The numerous positive testimonials speak for Studicus’ professionalism. Writers must have years of experience to work for this company so you’ll be teamed up with experts.
  • Grammarly – If you are looking for a quick fix, Grammarly is an online editing tool that will ensure that your resume doesn't have any grammar or spelling mistakes.
  • Readable – Readability checkers such as Readable will point out any confusing or ambiguous parts of your resume.

Don’t Go Overboard with the Design #

The first thing that hiring managers will notice about your resume is the design. Using a flashy and chaotic design doesn’t really say “this is the best Python developer for this company.” Simplicity is the safest and most elegant choice when it comes to design. Keep it simple and consistent with the style and you won’t have to worry about whether the design will send the wrong message.

  • Here are a few suggestions when it comes to resume design:
  • Underline headers and sections
  • Use fonts that are easy to read (Times New Roman, Arial, etc.)
  • The recommendable font size is 12 (or 11 if you want to fit information within 2 pages)
  • Use bullets for listing
  • Use bold text for emphasis (for job titles for example)
  • List qualifications and skills with bullets rather than stating them in a paragraph

Final Thoughts #

The number of jobs for Python developers is continually growing. As companies switch to advanced technologies their need for Python programming language appears. This is the perfect time to find the job of your dreams. But first, consider the above-mentioned tips and create a winning resume.

Kristin Savage nourishes, sparks, and empowers using the magic of a word. Along with pursuing her degree in Creative Writing, Kristin was gaining experience in the publishing industry, with expertise in marketing strategy for publishers and authors. Besides working as a freelance writer at WowGrade she also does some editing work at SupremeDissertations. In her free time, Kristin likes to travel and explore new countries around the world.

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