How To Make Money If You Have Python Skills

Updated on Sep 03, 2020

How To Make Money If You Have Python Skills

The tech world develops at a rapid pace so the value of programming skills grows, and the demand for programmers isn't going to decline anytime soon. More and more people choose programming is a career. Fortunately, the internet gives you countless opportunities to learn to code and to find a job. To land a job as a programmer, you just need to know a programming language and to have an internet connection. Anyone can become a programmer and make money online.

However, if you're a beginner, you shouldn't expect to generate lots of money quickly. Nomatter whether you're looking for an office job as a programmer or considering freelance opportunities, you will need to put some effort into learning, practicing, and communication. Nobody can give you a recipe for getting a high income that will work perfectly in any circumstances. However, if you stick with the right mindset and focus on clear goals, you'll be much more likely to succeed.

Python as a Job #

Python is a very popular object-oriented programming language. It is used in IT ecosystems of numerous startups and big companies, including Google, Netflix, Spotify, and Instagram. One of the reasons why Python is so popular is that it's often used for automation in statistics and Data Science. It also has intuitive syntax. It is relatively simple to learn because the syntax has a lot in common with English, and there are no complex terms that only a programmer could understand. This language can help with a vast variety of programming tasks, and it is a perfect choice for prototype development. Another great thing about Python is that it enables you not to jeopardize maintainability.

Many programmers learn Python online, and many of them choose Python as their first programming language, which is a good solution because it will be easier for you to learn other languages if you're familiar with Python. Learning Python is easier than learning many other languages. Therefore, there's no surprise that there are so many beginners among Python developers: according to statistics, 22% of Python developers have a year of coding experience or less.

The simplicity of Python is also the main reason why the number of Python developers constantly grows. There are more than 7 million Python programmers, so if you want to land a job in this area, you will deal with a certain level of competition. Many programmers know Python but have difficulties with using their skills in practice. In this article, we will share some useful ideas that will help you sharpen your Python skills and use them to make money.

The Best Practices to Make Money With Python #

  1. Get a developer job - You can find a developer job even without certification or degree. Of course, there are many companies that are looking for developers with a degree in Computer Science. However, even more companies are interested not in degrees or certifications but in actual skills. Therefore, you should be able to prove your skills. It's not enough to just learn Python to land a job as a developer - you should have some portfolio so that your potential employers can see what you're capable of. You can upload your code to make it available online on platforms like GitHub and GitLab. You can also market yourself as a Python developer by writing articles and tutorials. In the U.S., Python developers earn about $110,000 per year, and they are among the best-paid software engineers.

  2. Become a freelancer - Freelancing can be a great start for you if you want to make money with Python. Freelancing is also a good choice if you need flexibility and want to make a living as a self-employed programmer. Thanks to platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer, you can find hundreds of gigs. Freelancing will help you build a portfolio and sharpen your coding skills by using them in practice. When working on a freelance platform, you may also develop good relationships with some clients and become a full-time developer at their companies.

  3. Create a startup - If you have enough coding experience, you can create your own startup. In this case, you should find a problem that you can solve, and that has the potential to bring you revenue.

    "You can create a startup based on virtually any idea you want. However, keep in mind that ideas don't cost anything unless you figure out how to implement them," notes Katie Hale, a Python developer at an essay writing service reviews website

    Creating a startup is a challenging task because you need to be good not only at programming but also at management, and marketing.

  4. Teach Python - We've already mentioned the fact that many Python developers learn this programming language online, and you can help beginners with it. For example, you can work as a tutor or create your Python courses and upload them on such platforms as Coursera, Udemy, or Code Academy. To find clients as a tutor, visit Websites like TakeLessons and Wyzant. The best thing about teaching coding is that when you explain something to others, you can understand it better. Therefore, you can teach Python even if you're not a professional developer yet, and improve your knowledge while making money.

  5. Start a blog - You can start your blog and post articles related to Python and coding, in general. If you build a nice audience, some of the people who read your materials might want to hire you as a tutor. Besides, you can use your blog to attract potential employers and to share your portfolio.

    "You may use a platform like WordPress, or you can code your website yourself. Building your own website enables you to demonstrate both your coding and design skills," notes Eddie Dixon, a back-end developer at a paper writing service reviews website Online Writers Rating.

Wrapping Up

Python is a very popular programming language, so Python developers can choose from among numerous job options. You can learn Python, build a nice portfolio, and become a full-time developer or choose Python coding as your freelance job. We described just a few common ways to make money with Python. This programming language gives you even more opportunities to earn money, so your success only depends on your experience and skills.

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