Convert HTML to PDF Like a Boss Using DocRaptor

is an awesome Python package which allows you to convert your HTML document to PDF. It works with Python 2 and Python 3.

Here are some features of DocRaptor:

  1. Support any size document, with simple, per-document pricing
  2. Supports layout and sizing changes on a per-page basis
  3. Asynchronous document generation, for long or large documents
  4. 99.99% uptime guarantee

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Live Coding

Last week I stumbled upon – a website that teaches students coding live. Here is how it works: Developers stream live video and users can ask questions and provide feedback.

You can teach yourself almost anything. Currently, the site has tutorials about Python, Java, Ruby, C, C++, C#, WordPress etc. etc.

Using a free account you can view live videos and chat with members. If you want more support or want to create your own private channel then you can sign up for a pro account which cost around $10/m. Overall the site is excellent not only for beginners but for skilled professionals who want to sharpen their skills. So what are you waiting for ? Go ahead sign up and start streaming.

Fetching records using fetchone() and fetchmany()

Up until now we have been using fetchall()  method of cursor object to fetch the records. This process of accessing all records in one go is not every efficient. As a result MySQLdb has fetchone() and fetchmany() methods of cursor object to fetch records more efficiently.

Method Description
fetchone() This method returns one record as a tuple, If there are no more records then it returns None
fetchmany(number_of_records) This method accepts number of records to fetch and returns tuple where each records itself is a tuple. If there are not more records then it returns an empty tuple.
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MySQLdb Fetching results

In the previous post we have seen how to execute sql queries using execute()  method. execute()  method returns affected rows, it doesn’t return the result. To fetch result we use the fetchall()  method of the cursor object

Syntax: cursor.fetchall()

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Connecting to the database

Before we start using our database with python we must connect to it. There are four stages of database communication with python:

  1. Create a connection object.
  2. Create a cursor object to read/write.
  3. Interact with the database.
  4. Close the connection.

Note: We will be using world mysql database so first download and import database as follows:

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Python String Formatting

format() method allows you format string in any way you want.

Syntax: template.format(p1, p1, .... , k1=v1, k2=v2)

template is a string containing format codes, format()  method uses it’s argument to substitute value for each format codes. For e.g

{0}  and {1}  are format codes. The format code {0}  is replaced by the first argument of format()  i.e 12 , while {1}  is replaced by the second argument of format()  i.e 31 . Continue reading